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Kids become the Victim

The rampant divorces in our society can be attributed to different reasons. Currently, most people are in a haste to get married without having enough information about the partner especially women.

A lot ladies see themselves growing up and their colleagues are getting married everyday so they need to also get married. Marriage is very important but how well do you know your partner? It has made alot of people chosen wrong partners which ends in divorce.

Most guys too are not truly love their partners but because of lust they push in to get married to the person and later regret and want to change for another partner. Most guys too are indecisive because they don't know what they like. Because they want to sleep with ladies due to lust, he will say everything to a slim lady but his interest is not on her but on fat lady, it has contributed alot.

Guys not being real at the beginning of the relationship, most guys because they want to win the heart of the lady, they use every means to please and for the lady to accept him, an example is, some ladies can initially tell the guy that, I am not working but because the guy want to sleep with her, he will tell her it is not a problem meanwhile within him, it is a serious challenge. Some guys will initially give amount of money to please the lady but marriage will fail to do that.

10 Causes Of Today's Rampant Divorce in Marriage:

1. Financial problems. Too much, not enough, or disagreements about what to spend money on. This isn’t a big shocker yet it does continue to surprise me that there’s so much information out there on divorce but very little on premarital counseling or premarital agreements. By the time you come in to see me it is usually too late.

2. Communication problems. “He doesn’t talk” is usually the most common complaint but I often wonder if men and women really do speak different languages and that’s why we can’t understand each other, let alone communicate what we’re thinking to one another.

3. Family problems. His/her parents, his/her stepchildren, siblings, and the like. You name it and it’s there. It seems like the most common reason for a second marriage to end in divorce is stepchildren. Having an extended family member living with you is a close second.

4. Sex problems. Too much, not enough, sex with the wrong person, sex with the same sex, or sex with the family dog all have popped in divorce cases over the years. Watch out. Not enough sex is particularly a big deal for men so pay attention.

5. Friend problems. I don’t hear this one a lot but generally those coming in to finally get divorced don’t have the same friends anymore, so I suppose this could have precipitated the divorce in the first place.

6. Addiction problems. Alcohol, drugs, porn, food. I have seen it all and it does seem to take down many marriages like a one two punch in a heavy weight boxing match.

7. Abuse problems. Verbal, physical, emotional, sexual. Very common problem that isn’t talked about nearly enough for how frequently it comes up.

8. Personality problems. I think this is code for mental illness because depression, anxiety disorder, bi-polar, narcissistic and various other personality disorders on the DSM-IV pop up on a fairly frequent basis in my divorce cases. Little did I know how useful that psychology degree would be.

9. Expectation problems. She married him because she wanted to change him. He married her because he never wanted her to change. She did change. He didn’t. Now they are both unhappy.

10. Time problems. She never spends any time with me because she’s too busy with the kids. He works all the time. Or the opposite thing is said…why doesn’t he get a life and quit sitting on the couch all the time. I need some time to myself.

See how many of these you can relate to.

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