Sunday, January 12, 2020, January 12, 2020

It's said that one of the hardest decision you will ever face in life is choosing whether to try harder or walk away and I know that is how far I might have pushed you.

It's quite obvious dat trust is like an eraser n the more mistakes a person makes the smaller it gets and when trust is broken sorry means nothing more than a five letter word. As it stands, am not even asking for my wife's forgiveness neither am I asking her to trust me  cuz I know I don't really deserve it much but all am asking for is for her to know I really do feel her pain and even more considering the fact dat she is pregnant.

Our marriage is almost three years and blessed with a beautiful daughter and an incoming of almost eight months. My wife is beautiful and calm, has no friend and the indoor type as long as she has a lot of series to watch. The type dat can be indoors for a year with WiFi and movies. If I ever stand sumwhere to say my wife has given me a single problem from day one of our marriage till this day then I am ungrateful for the blessing of a good wife even thou I admit she has her own faults as human as she is.

Within the time frame, I cheated on my wife with three ladies in her absence (not in our matrimonial home) as work didn't permit us to stay together in the same region. I slept with two of them once and the other, three times (not justifiable thou).

Sumway sumhow sumfyn nearly took my life one evening which forced me to confess it personally to my wife and miraculously regain consciousness after few minutes of confession. Since she didn't know the first two with which I had the affairs with, she didn't have much problem but the third one with which I had slept with three tyms happen to b someone close to us who my wife knew and had even fed and clothe before. She really felt disrespected and I really understood her. We have been having a lot of issues about de same gal ever since.

Even thou after the incident I still have a chat with her once in a while (My biggest mistake) cuz I know of the situation at home I mostly delete chats "thou no matter wat we talk about ends there" and nothing more. Recently a business proposal came up that demands that I stay out late a bit.

Two days today when I came home from the business discussion my wife was sleeping so I placed my fon down, took off my clothes and went to the kitchen to get myself some water. When I came back my wife had my fon n was going thru an unforgivable we had same day. SHE SAID NOTHING, ASKED NOTHING AND HAS BEEN SILENCE SINCE. She cried the whole nyt without sleep and I couldn't say a word. Because of wat happened I couldn't even give her details of our business discussion. We have both stayed two nights without sleep so she has to move to the other room and for the whole night I could hear her coughing🤦‍♂🤦‍♂. My eyes hasn't closed for two nyts n don't even know wat to say cuz for wat she saw nothing will convince her if I say it's just a chat.

I know sum mistakes are unforgivable and I know I myt have said sorry more than necessary concerning same issue. Logical conclusion may point to just one factor n I know there are a lot going through your mind. This is not the time for me to explain or prove my innocence. Just don't forgive me if your not ohk but knowing I really feel your pain is enough for me.

I ve come to learn that in this lyf you are to listen to everyone and learn from everyone cuz nobody knows everything but everybody knows sumtin and insults will still be considered as constructive criticism.

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